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Here at Best Agents Match, we work hard to ensure that your home selling or buying experience is smooth, hassle-free, and successful!

Do I have to pay for Best Agents Match?
No, Best Agents Match is a 100% free service for home buyers and sellers!
Do I have to commit to using your real estate agents if I’m matched with them?
Absolutely not! We just connect you with the best agents in your area and you choose whether or not you want to hire them, no obligation or pressure!
Is my information on Best Agents Match private?
Yes! We take protecting your privacy very seriously. We’ll never misuse or sell your information. Your information is 100% save and secured and will be shared only with the top agents that you approve.
How quickly can I expect a response after I’ve filled out your form?
Once we receive your request, we’ll contact you immediately to verify that your information is correct. Then, within one business day, we’ll match you with the best top agents in your area and send you their contact information.
What if I'm not sure I want to buy/sell?
That’s okay! Your consulting agent from Best Agents Match will still provide you with a free home evaluation. We’ll also set up a face-to-face meeting with you so we can answer any questions about the market, your budget, or next steps. You can always choose whether you’re ready to go further or not.
How does this service save me time?
Having vetted and proven agents recommended for your specific needs and preferences will save you hours and hours of online research and interviews!
How do you make money/get paid?
Great question! Our service is 100% free for all home buyers and sellers. Our income is based on referral fees we receive from agents we’ve matched with customers. We only get paid when and if a transaction is successfully finalized.

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